Retail business to do wrong must be corrected

who has not made a mistake, the same business. However, if you want to do business fire, the business is doing well, if we make a mistake we must correct, really do the customer, so that the business can be better business. In short, the modern marketing concept: the customer is always right. As the saying goes: there is no love for no reason, there is no reason for hate. So, in order to win the favor of customers for a long time, we must take the customer as the center, always accept the customer’s opinions and suggestions.

when the lag of our service, or to customers for the inconvenience, and don’t excuse prevaricate, but as far as possible to do remedial work. Retail customers Han Feng has a very good reputation in the local, especially in May this year, one thing happened, but also won a lot of peer and consumer admiration and respect.

Han boss exclusive agent of a brewery of liquor, one day in late May at noon, the customer Mr. Wang bought a box of six bottles per bottle price of thirty yuan files this liquor here. And in the afternoon, reeking of booze but Mr. Wang came to the door, he was at home at noon dinner guests, in which a bottle when unpacking, found the bottle packaging good without a drop of liquor. Dozens of dollars a bottle, drink wine, had dinner, Mr. Wang hurried to Huafeng supermarket to replace.

noon because of drinking too much, Mr. Wang’s tone is also a bit stiff, not a few, and smoke wine salesman komago quarreled. Finally, the salesman komago put down a word, here we only engage in the sale of wine, a problem, you find the winery got’s none of our thing. Is Mr. Wang qiangbai under all discouraged, only angrily carrying empty bottles back.

around four in the afternoon, Han boss in the back of the purchase, just into the store, store managers to report to him on the matter. Han boss immediately came to the sun, severely criticized the meal. Then ask the five of the information after the gentleman, moved a box of wine, the car in the past. To Mr. Xu, was listening to his lover there scolded him, did not change to wine, have a stomach troubles, not worth it, tens of dollars.

at this time, the Korean boss took over the mouth, this is not a matter of tens of dollars, is related to our store reputation of the event. Today, I would like to express my sincere apology to you. Mr. Wang said, I drank too much alcohol, the attitude is not good, it is the manufacturer that. Han boss took the mouth road, no matter what the reason, or our lax management, supervision is not in place to bring you trouble.

today I have brought a box of this wine, it has two layers, one is for our sales staff shirk responsibility for the inconvenience to you apologize; secondly, such problems arise, as the local agent is my duty, "