How to open shop purchase fangpian

as long as it is an entity operating shops, will naturally involve the purchase of the problem. However, now the market has a variety of fraud, if not pay attention, you will be cheated, we also need to be able to grasp the nature of the anti fraud knowledge more. So, how to open the shop to purchase anti cheat?

glasses shop, whether it is to join the brand shop or start their own businesses, the purchase is very important, the purchase depends on the quality of your shop can attract customers, the purchase price of the decision you can earn money. And the purchase of optical shops do not want to buy clothes and other industries so transparent, so it really needs to be carefully studied.

glasses store and purchase a correct understanding of the importance of the

anti fraud products procurement

has been a large number of low-priced glasses shop favorite, but a penny of goods is the same truth since ancient times. Suppliers are not stupid enough to do lose money trading. Therefore, the small and medium-sized optical shops in the purchase should be in the premise of ensuring the quality of products to pursue low prices, rather than just do not seek quality low price, and finally buy low quality products.

glasses shop purchase two, deception is a comprehensive understanding of the supplier

before the purchase fully understand the supplier to many glasses shop, open shop is still a puzzle, because of information asymmetry, glasses store knowledge of the supplier is limited, only a small number of suppliers may be fooled.


open shop purchase three, the correct attitude of deception

purchasing the product key product quality and reasonable price, and not expect the supplier does not have the ability to provide the help for retail stores, even if there is, it provides support and help is not really a free lunch, it is put in the long run, the cost is in the product, or even higher.

because of the purchase and cheated the case too many to count if we want to be successful, a glasses shop, but will not be deceived in the time of purchase, more than three skills can grasp, which really can successfully open a shop.