Food and beverage industry to get rich tips

entrepreneurs to join the market, whether you choose which field to understand the trends and market demand of the industry, we can find the wealth of a breakthrough, fast into the wealth market, earned money.

without characteristic innovation

This new

is not entirely in the pursuit of the so-called venison delicacies, and more at home and eat fresh and popular dishes to feature. Therefore, the restaurant must have their own specialty dishes, which is the main product. Is to attract customers and increase the return rate of the cruel elements.

in the three aspects of health especially not a problem, especially in the summer, raw materials, food is easy to deteriorate, many of the "UFO" to spread the disease but also a large number of breeding, if health checks do not say, it is very easy to cause the quality accident. In terms of quality, how you price, whether to let customers eat comfortable, food quality is stable, are very important; health, also relates to the dining utensils and the environment is clean, comfortable; service is more elastic.

The size of a


Paihao effect itself is the best advertising, the use of the customer’s "herd mentality". Therefore, there is an obvious "scale effect" in restaurants and hotels, and once the scale exceeds the optimal critical point, the marginal effect will decrease.

without scientific management

fullyequipped small sparrow. Although there are not many employees in a restaurant, there are a lot of management. We often see such a restaurant: a large number of waiters, seems to have been busy, but the customer is always asking for a waiter, the service is very slow, which is why? This is obviously the restaurant recommended