How to retain more customers through lighting design

how can we retain more customers for the store, what kind of design can improve the operation of the store? All along, how to attract, please and retain customers, shopkeepers are most concerned about the problem. In this regard, the operators have a variety of options, but the lighting design is far more effective means of improvement, good lighting can easily attract and guide customers to stop and linger, coupled with its relatively cheap investment, shopkeepers worth serious attention.

on the cake Square as an example, it is often the lighting design to give customers a vivid impression and endowed with personality. Most of the stores filled with soft warm color, full of warmth and even slightly quiet atmosphere, the goods in the bright light is elegant and vivid. At the same time, contrast coordination to further strengthen the store’s sense of quiet, small spotlights indistinct hint of orange, and the color of the goods store lighting lighting warm, the more prominent the color contrast.

yellow light gives people a warm and harmonious family feeling, the warm light is easy to make them have the impulse to buy. Because of the warm light to bring most people "to eat" feeling. We are familiar with the KFC and McDonald’s are invariably used warm lighting, but also the truth.

if a sale of food based shops choose cold tone lighting, will be lost in the invisible many consumers. Imagine, when you see a blue purple KFC or McDonald’s, the appetite will certainly decline, but cold lighting in the clothing store or high-end gift shop is feasible. In other words, the lighting in different shades of color light according to the specific circumstances of the management of goods.

in the process of store design, lighting design is a very important work, but also for the operation of the store will have a very big influence. In short, lighting design is not only aesthetic art, but also a management, psychology. The role of the store lighting is not only lighting, but also to attract customers.