Do you believe in the vending machine

others say there are business opportunities there are challenges, and I want to say there are opportunities to ambush. Each has the potential to invest in entrepreneurial projects, in fact, are hidden investment traps, such as the recent hot coffee vending machine. If you don’t think about it, it is easy to be fooled, cheated only pocket money.

all the traps will packaging very attractive, please look at the ads:

operationProvide premises free


: market concept

project publicity is how to make coffee, how high profits, the real market analysis on automatic coffee vending machine almost No. Although Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou city to introduce an automatic coffee vending machine earlier, but there is just some commercial office buildings and large commercial business district is good, other areas basically keep going by painstaking effort. The main reason is that people are relatively poor acceptance of automatic coffee vending machine.

More than half of the market in the

: exaggerated profits