Classic and practical entrepreneurial experience

many early into the venture market investors are often confused and don’t know where to start, if this time there is a practical experience before, will achieve a multiplier effect, and here, Xiaobian to introduce a classic and practical business experience, whether to help everyone entrepreneurship!


The advantages are as follows:

1. rent a large office can accommodate 20-30 people, the rent is estimated at 3000-4000 yuan / month, per capita 100-300 yuan / month. Rent a small than their own popularity is not a corner of the economy more affordable.

2. office is located in the park of high tech or foreign students, which can enhance their image and customer trust. What is your garden F-3-501 room is more attractive to customers than your own.

3. office staff, popular Wang, to the customer’s impression is good, is the image of a large company, the customer’s trust will improve, business expansion is very meaningful. If you rent a garden like what their customers at a glance, discouraged, a kind of deception, customers may lay eggs for you?

4. personnel, can communicate with each other, transfer information, exchange of views, it is better than you at home alone on the inside walls is much stronger. 5 first-class sample showcase, can let the customer feel big company than your own atmosphere; the small corner of the poor more let customer confidence in the products. 6 luxurious meeting room, always can win the favor of your customer and be at ease than your little paradise.


1. personnel; 2 inevitable half-way out; the conflict of interest between the 3.


1. flat-share staff have strong consciousness of pledge; 2 signed a contract, a one-time payment of rent, not quit from the rent shall not be transferred, etc.; 3 industry or the same can not enter. Avoid customers