2012 the five items to make you crazy money

2012 years, to enter the entrepreneurial team is also very much, everyone is looking for entrepreneurial projects to become rich, but in the end what projects can make investors easy to make money, there is no risk? To tell you the 2012 five most profitable projects in the whole network editor that allows you to easily make money, firmly entrepreneurship.

2012 venture what the best? The business world laboratory to support your idea.

manual embroidery shop

entrepreneurs learn first hand embroidery skills in the downtown area rented a facade shop, the initial investment of twenty thousand yuan. When the supply is more, can take the form of outward processing, the annual profit considerable.

"meant to be" gift shop

have always better, remember and if some gift to each other can we give up at this moment. Also can be regarded as a kind of comfort! Open a "break up, I can give you what" such a special gift shop. No more to meet the lover of a blessing, may also be moved by his elderly matchmaker, the red reset.

"lease" money

meters long?

now the city children in rural is very few, the textbook or the parents told him are not very good to let them know what kind of food.

on the outskirts of rough land, to contract the way rough to the city people. Provide the seeds and help them when they are not. And then take the food to the customers themselves. The weekend to take the kids to the farm, or with the lover of coarse land, take care of the seed like to take care of their children, when the harvest joy but how much money can not buy back.

can also provide farmhouse style leisure entertainment.

marriage "treatment" shop

modern marriage is becoming more and more fragile, such problems often appear in marriage. Instead I think all cannot but, do not want to go on the road of divorce.

retro Restaurant

in some monuments or resort to open a retro restaurant. The waiter is replaced by two kind of. Then sell some homely fare, the staff are wearing the costume. With some of those previously heard what ah, what Flower Drum Opera Sichuan Opera (live performance).