Fashion fashion store profit method

fashion store operators want to improve profitability, you have to think some useful ways. We all know that the industry competition, but the profit margins are also very attractive, so as long as the election of the method, or can easily profit countless. To provide a few small share, hope can help you easily gains good profit.

A, let the customer know your fashion stores

is women’s franchise bogey nobody knows, shops are not known, then how could the sales performance. Therefore, to promote your women’s stores, to strengthen efforts to publicize, is the so-called gold monument, silver monument, as the people’s reputation". This is a very important step, because a good beginning is half the battle.

two, let the customer stores for 3 seconds before the

in your fashion

three, the customer in the shop

in the customer in your fashion to stay when in front of the store, it is necessary to grasp the opportunity, to keep the customer in the store, this is the time when the salesperson’s role play. Sales staff should always keep a smile, and smile to have affinity, so that customers feel that you are very kind, greeting customers to be polite week.

four, let the customer of the women are interested in

in the customer into the store, customers need to pay attention to the observation of micro expression changes of every act and every move, the customer. When the customer hand contact with a piece of clothing, indicating that interested in this dress, it is necessary to briefly introduce the women’s products. After the introduction, can call the customer to try, to highlight the product selling point, when customers try to find suitable for their own clothes, to properly support and add some words of praise. When customers are more interested in the product, they will consider buying.

five, to complete business

this step for women’s fashion business franchise is very important, this step is not done well, the front do naught, so we must grasp this step. To do this step, it is necessary to be very familiar with their women’s products and price discounts, to let customers know the advantages of women’s clothing store. So that customers will have a sense of trust in your shop, in order to sell a good price, in order to quickly promote the clothing out.