Harbin each year will be funded 40 outstanding college students venture

can improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, is an important work management activities. In order to help college students start their own business, Harbin will sponsor 40 college students to start their own business projects to help them tide over the lack of funds.

must meet the reporting conditions in the city area, county (city) business, independent entrepreneurial projects, as the legal representative of the enterprise business college students; the right to register and obtain a business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce, have sound financial regulations and a fixed place of business, more than the normal operation of 6 months, no bad credit record and illegal business projects; to comply with the direction of Harbin City Industrial Development and employment demand, good market prospects, entrepreneurship has significant effect, economic and social benefits, with some advanced technology and development value; enterprise to obtain better economic benefits and social benefits through the operation of this project.

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