Henan cross border electricity supplier of the new reform

electricity supplier in the hot market development, is already well known, but in order to further promote the sustainable development of electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier also quietly rising. The new reform of the cross-border electricity supplier in Henan, launched cross-border single window platform construction, only a customs declaration, will be able to go through all the reporting process. To a certain extent, simplify the complex procedures, is conducive to people’s operation.

in the past, to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business electricity supplier, payment, logistics and other types of enterprises or individuals, to import and export business, it is necessary to declare the data to more than 10 departments, the process is complex. July 27th, the reporter learned from the provincial port office, cross-border electricity supplier in the province, a single window platform construction work has been started, is expected to achieve before the end of the enterprise as long as the butt of a single window".

behind the construction of "single window", is to strengthen and improve the port work in our province, to Chinese (Zhengzhou) Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce as a breakthrough innovation, open up cross-border electricity supplier "customs, inspection, foreign exchange, tax, business, and financial information barriers do.

single window platform on the line will bring what good? Enterprises have the right to speak. Who participated in the test of Zhengzhou Cheng Chi Day Day Express Ltd chairman Luo Bing said: "every piece of goods come in, we have to docking with a number of departments of customs, inspection and quarantine, logistics, payment, holidays are busy, but it is easy to mistake data," single window "platform to solve a lot of trouble for us."

single window platform is mainly responsible for filing and data reporting and other government services. At the same time, as well as to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business electricity supplier companies, payment companies, logistics companies and other types of enterprises or individuals to provide basic information for the record, the record of goods and tax filing and other online services. In simple terms, enterprises are fully transparent in the "single window" all state management: what time arrive the custody area of the customs, customs clearance after the parcel is what time exit and so on, are clear on the "single window".

it is understood that the province, a single window building three steps. The first phase, before the end of 2016, the formation of cross-border e-commerce services format, covering the Zhengzhou cross-border e-commerce integrated test area of a single window integrated service platform.

the second stage, before the end of 2017, to serve the general commodity industry international trade and processing trade, covering the Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area, meets the requirement of the development of our province to build a free trade zone of the "single window", and to the port and customs supervision site promotion, strive to more than 60% of the province the foreign trade through the single window for business.