The small business investment g home wash stores how much money

now, the automotive industry is very hot, car washing industry is very hot. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to open a car wash shop? G car wash is a very good project, quality projects, with popular choice!

invest in small business, of course, have to choose a good project in the kego. As the number of cars a year in China are increasing, and has become one of the car wash headache most family car, so now open a car wash as investors favorite, so now a car wash shop how much money? The following small for you a rough count:

pre expenses

How much money to open a car wash car wash shop to join

? Generally costs 10 thousand yuan, rent rent ten thousand yuan, 5000 yuan water electric fuel, raw material costs 20 thousand yuan, taxes and other costs 5000 yuan, the cumulative cost is 50 thousand yuan. Open a car wash shop, about 2-3 months to return this year, a net profit of up to 7-12 million, is definitely a good weapon to make money to get rich, it is worth having!

The "Internet plus

grams of car wash car wash door" in the city, the car wash grams of open equality, collaboration and sharing of adhering to the spirit of the Internet not only create the grams of washing an open platform for connecting the owners and the automotive after market, but also for the re employment of laid-off workers and the employment problem of college students has made positive efforts to local Xiaogan the operation is supported in the country looking for city partners, open, sharing, the G quickly build into a professional car of Internet plus car market platform.

how about the car? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Worry about entrepreneurship, a simple way to join, choose to join the public car door is a wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about?