Small blackboard into a big help Li Xinjun

in order to help the cause of the business, all kinds of small tools are used to people’s business. The retail merchant Li Xinjun and Yuan’an County in Hubei Province Yang Town in the shop door, often crowded, business is surprisingly good, nearby residents have praised Li wisely, he always waved his hand, pointing to the door and a blackboard, happily said: "this credit ah, can have to it!"

has been limited by the geographical environment, income level and traffic factors, new information, the arrival of the cigarette cigarette market is difficult to quickly spread out, resulting in new cultivation of bad effects, even unsalable phenomenon of smoke. Lao Li know, new cigarette listed is actually new business opportunities.

pondering for a long time, he finally came up with a solution: in the shop door hanging on a blackboard, always posted leaflets of cigarette products, bright colors to attract passersby, don’t spend too much time on a ten, ten hundred, consumers will naturally know how new cigarette Li shop.

in the township of funerals with the smoke, a pack of 4 yuan of "Hong Jinlong (soft blue dragon Kyushu) and 9.5 yuan per pack" Hong Jinlong (soft fine) "the most popular. However, because the customer is not clear about the supply and demand of tobacco companies’s inventory strategy and the owner of the situation, when there is a shortage of the situation occurs, resulting in the customer to run a number of shops to buy the required cigarettes. Smart Li regularly on their own warehouse inventory cigarette inventory, write the best-selling cigarette inventory on the blackboard, not only his own mind, heart has a spectrum of customer.

small blackboard is Li Xinjun’s propaganda helper

There is a significant sign of

the middle of the blackboard, write "hit this month" four words, write a name, the main cigarette prices, if possible, Lao Li will paste the corresponding cigarette. Listen to Lao Li said that the so-called "flagship product" is his own according to sales last month set.

assuming last month, your cigarettes (soft and colorful) a business is not made, then this month’s flagship product is certainly it, it is because the smoke is not good to sell, only to let it become the main. Through the campaign, curious customers will probably choose to try it, the store will naturally not have smoke are unsalable.


is just a small blackboard, but for the operation of the store has a very big help. With Lee’s words, the small blackboard than LCD display also benefits. Since the small blackboard, his business is getting better and better, cigarette sales are also step by step.