Swear homophonic name not desirable

"homophonic" named in the current has been very popular, however, there are a lot of people by the way when using homophonic words, although the name is led to innovative, but cannot be accepted by the public. In fact, the use of such words do homophonic name is not desirable.

walking in the street, suddenly "spicy next door" four words into your line of sight, what do you think? Recently, Lee reflects a lobster shop called spicy crawfish next door near the production of road delicacy street, its name is a homonym is an intolerable to the ear profanity, Lee felt with swearing as inappropriate names homophonic.

North Park elevated road and production road at the junction of about 300 meters north of the spicy crawfish next door, according to the owner, they have opened three months. This shop is mainly engaged in all kinds of cooking, skewers and cold, not only has the name of "spicy next door" menu "spicy next door" four characters is everywhere.


name is "special! This is what our boss wants." Spicy next door staff said. "The customer is our home and ran to the dish, but also the customer is our home and ran to the store’s name." Spicy next boss Lee for their own name very satisfied.

"this is a homonym sentence swearing, after the children heard this name swearing not to take for granted? It’s too bad." Ms. Zhang, who is a resident of the neighborhood, often takes the children to play in the food street.

Flyover District Trade and industry by the staff, according to the enterprise name registration management provisions of the ninth: the name of the enterprise may not contain the possibility of deception or misunderstanding of the public text. When business registration, business name and other information on the merchant’s pre approved name would make it inappropriate renamed. After receiving the notice of pre-approval, businesses can continue to do health certificate and food and beverage certificate and other documents.

reporters in Ji’nan the main market credit information publicity platform to search, and there is no "spicy crawfish next door to the registration information, and the staff said that the inspectors regularly carry out inspections on the store down the street, in case of violation of the name, will be ordered to be renamed.

this name even if the moment is to attract consumers, however, want to attract more customers is not easy, not to mention, it will violate the law. So, do not use profanity homophonic name desirable Oh, in the name of the owner who also need to be cautious.