Online business fraud prevention eight note

should not be harmful heart, the heart of man is not. This sentence is now reflected in the community more clearly. Compared with real life, online business is a lot of fraud, the following eight entrepreneurs should be cautious reminder:

1, pay attention to their understanding of the future trend of the network. The network can not go it alone, to know the occasion, with potential, embrace the potential;     to choose less investment, low risk and output industry.

2, look at the various types of certificates of qualification certificate is the level of development of the enterprise, the vast majority of cheaters or not, it is necessary to go to the relevant departments to understand.

3, look at the product, and the contract is not the same as the sample, the value and price is not equal.

4, think about each other for business purposes, there is no possibility of deception.

5, the financial institutions and the remittance is true, check the financial institutions and, mainly through the other side of the Bank Supervision Bureau, the people’s bank check, there are crooks with forged bank name to the telecommunications sector registration number, if you check fake bank and remittance you fooled by the telecommunications sector.

6, temptation, might as well use language to test each other, for example, I am a friend of the Public Security Department of the economic police, or some aspects of the expert, liar natural fear.

7, the anti package, it is best not to leave after transportation, receiving goods, especially to prevent fraud with the same or similar means of transport at the moment.

8, a trap contract, mainly agricultural and sideline products promise high recovery recovery, but not only cheat rebate; processing trade products are demanding recovery, deliberately let live into a dead, let good become bad, timely become not timely and so on.


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