Nearly 200 thousand people to return home to start employment entrepreneurial environment in rural a

in Shuyang County of Jiangsu province to promote the migrant workers entrepreneurship performance is very significant, nearly 200 thousand people to achieve the return of employment. The business environment is getting better and better, people working outside, quickly back to business!

and continue to improve the business service network, in accordance with the government guidance and market operation principle, relying on the existing Shuyang economic and Technological Development Zone, township industrial zone, software industrial park and all kinds of incubators, accelerate the construction of business incubators, provide the production and management of site support and financing guarantee, for entrepreneurs and enterprise information consulting, entrepreneurial guidance, project promotion, technical support, personnel training, legal assistance and other services.

homeland everyone, not to make a living, believe that people are not willing to leave the hometown, now the policy is good, more people can achieve prosperity, home business opportunity, hurry up!