Jiangsu CP usher in this year’s lowest moment

with the rapid development of the economy, the consumption capacity of residents in life is also significantly improved, the original consumer prices should have been rising, but this year ushered in the lowest CPI Jiangsu. In August, the cost of living is cheaper, do you feel it? Yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau informed the province’s recent major commodity price movements. Reporters learned that, in August, Jiangsu consumer prices rose 1.9%, fell into the "era of the 1", while a record low of 9 months. With the increasing amount of pig slaughter and freshwater fish large market, fish prices continued to fall last month.


fish prices continue to fall

with pig and freshwater fish market in large quantities, the first half of the fish has been soaring prices began to fall. Provincial Price Bureau price monitoring center data show that, compared with the end of August, a general decline in September the price of freshwater fish, one of the biggest, before the summer bream led the decline of over 10%, the price fell below 10 yuan / kg.

8 since late June, hog prices continued downward. September 27th, the province’s three yuan live pig price of 50 kg (the same below) $869, higher than this year’s highest price of $1045 (in June 7th) of 16.8%. Affected by the downward impact of the price of live pigs, pork prices in the province last month to reduce the main, but the decline is small. In September 25th, the province’s average retail price per 500 grams of lean pork (below) 16.96 yuan, the highest price of 17.54 yuan this year (June 10th) only 3.3% low, still higher than the same period last year 2.4%.

in this regard, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau, deputy director of the price monitoring center, said Xu Hualan, as the weather turns cold, residents will increase consumer demand for pork, pork prices next month will be further reduced. In addition, the province’s monitoring of 32 kinds of vegetable prices, up to 16 liters of 16". Among them, tomatoes, cabbage price gainers, up 25.3% and 23.1% respectively.


crab late listing price of $20%

Mid Autumn Festival this year, crabs did not climb up the table of Jiangsu people. Due to the late listing, the amount is small, and more than two or three of the price of crab prices over the same period last year. The National Day holiday, from Gucheng Lake, Yangcheng Lake and the crab market in large quantities, prices began to fall. Yancheng price department monitoring data show that, at present, 2 of the two female crabs, the retail price of 3 male crabs were $40, 60 yuan, compared with the Mid Autumn Festival fell by 20%. However, Xu Hualan pointed out that the overall price is still higher than the same period last year crabs.

Just after

summer, some seasonal fruits to spend money. Monitoring data show that, compared with the end of August, the province’s fruit prices rose more or less, which is recommended