Traditional Chinese medicine health museum good skills are very important prospects

now our lives of some of the traditional Chinese medicine health museum began to be popular, but there are a lot of people are starting the business of traditional Chinese medicine industry, then follow the pulse of TCM investment experts together to look at Chinese medicine health museum project management skills.

A, pedicure, beauty, etc. the so-called health care industry is not standardized;

two, pedicure, beauty, etc. the health care industry professional technology is not enough;

three, in terms of the idea and method of service process and technology, is also significantly different. From the customer’s point of view, can be seen everywhere in the beauty and health club like home basic foot in the minds of consumers from the supermarket, a real sense, and not to the health care.

so, suggest that the majority of the Museum of Chinese health investment entrepreneurs, to grasp this opportunity, be sure to choose a solid, a letter of the brand franchise organization

!In fact, although there are now


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