The outsourcing boring technology company received the ashes

years of innovation and entrepreneurship, development companies are waiting to upgrade, this does not, Chongqing Temiluo Technology Co. Ltd this technology corporation as a "business assistant". Let’s take a look at how they reform and innovation!


"outsourcing" received boring

technology company ashes

and the most let Yang Xi difficult to accept is that a lot of enterprises from the traditional industries, do not understand the Internet, so often in the team midway through the tough requirements of task execution change unreasonable, this change will not only lengthen working hours, but also make before doing a lot of preparation work altogether. And sometimes an outsourcing cycle is too long, there will be a drag contract phenomenon, let Temiluo from time to time in a cash strapped predicament.

2014, Yang Xi took the entrepreneurial team in the industrial services in Hong Kong in the public record in space, and industrial services recommended