What should we pay attention to the novice ladies

women’s market continues to expand, at present, women do more and more business people. In order to quickly Wenzhan market, a lot of people regardless of personal danger, make a lot of effort. In the shop, he must pay attention to more matters, so as to ensure the smooth opening of a good shop, the success of making money. So, the novice women’s clothing store to pay attention to what? For this problem, Xiao Bian here made an analysis, we now come to a good understanding of the next bar!

, join the positioning problem. In fact, different levels of consumption and regions have different product positioning. For example, middle-aged women career, high income, wear stress, consumption strength and young urban women love fashionable clothes. In addition to age differences, the region has obvious differences, the middle-aged female body fat to buy clothing, not very good looking, high requirements for the quality of style. In choosing to join the time we must consider these issues, we need to address these significant features, the choice of targeted products to determine the brand to join.

in the choice of positioning, we must first do a good job in market research, to fully investigate the local consumer market. For example, what kind of clothes consumers like, what kind of clothing is still missing in the region. But also need to investigate the situation of supply, to know what kind of advantage can be obtained.

two, purchase tips. Clothing purchase related to the quality of the supply of goods, so must be careful purchase. Many brands have ordering and distribution choice, remember not to do too much, not cheap. The first purchase to uphold the principle of "a small" principle, took more than a few paragraphs, each paragraph take a little less, look at the customer’s reaction and replenishment. There are times when you can not just purchase according to their preferences, but to the majority of people’s eyes to purchase, so there will be sales.


is a certain risk, but as long as the master of a certain knowledge, familiar with the whole process, scientific and rational analysis and research, will become a qualified clothing store owner.

three, the choice of shops. Clothing shop, the choice of shops is very important, women’s clothing is no exception. First, the choice of shops need to be based on their own economic situation to consider, how much the ability to choose how big the shop, to seek truth from facts. Of course, we also need to fully consider the local people, consumption habits, etc.. Clothing store is not based on their personal preferences to choose, to take into account many factors.

An important factor is to consider the choice of shops and

location is located in the business district, traffic is not a lot of traffic are convenient, that is to say the choice of shops according to the clothing brand characteristics of their choice and their own economic strength to decide.

four, shop costs. Recommended Opening