Self catering kitchen kitchen kitchen

world what are you estimate this was also the title of the article, more fresh and unusual attracted the right, not wrong, this article is about the personality of the kitchen, guests cook yourself, the owner of the restaurant is just sitting leisurely, with what is going on, you along with Xiaobian look at it.

this is a self-service kitchen hiding in Cangshan District of Fuzhou City, a residential area, is a one hundred square meters of ordinary three bedroom suites. Large kitchen with three walls set up three table, three sets of kitchen preparation, gas stove, lampblack machine, electric kettle, chopping board, water tank, a variety of pots and pans Goods are available in all varieties.

"I is the normal university students, home in Hunan, Fuzhou will not adapt to the tastes, thinking from time to time to do some good, but in the dormitory also can not cook. After the discovery of this self-service kitchen, every weekend I will go to the nearby supermarket to buy materials, please come over to me to do authentic Hunan dishes to eat." Miss Lin said, here is not only suitable for the 35 friends together, can also do a twenty or thirty party, she is the Mid Autumn Festival is here to participate in the school association party, everyone together to eat together to play together, the atmosphere is very good.