Thousands of Hand Pulled Noodle join advantage

Hand-Pulled Noodle Japanese diet culture is worth praise, choose a good brand, provide delicious delicacy for the consumer, you need to open eyes, not limited to the existing varieties, found the better we need to introduce, reference and learning.

"Hundreds of thousands of

Hand-Pulled Noodle" was founded in 1998, is the introduction of Japanese technology formula, to operate the "Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle" to the catering agency enterprise, has developed a number of agents and a store in the northeast region of an influential fresh noodles production base. And the introduction of foreign advanced automatic production line Hand-Pulled Noodle, in the traditional handmade skills of Japanese heritage Hand-Pulled Noodle at the same time, with the noodle of modern technology, developed in bag Hand-Pulled Noodle different flavors, products have been all over the domestic supermarket brand, so that consumers can be more convenient to eat.

has the advantage of

Hand-Pulled Noodle joined thousands of

advantage: 17 years of brand cultivating a large number of loyal customers and fans, high brand awareness and reputation.

advantage two: once a quarter to replace the brand, product innovation ability = competitiveness.

advantage three: leisure food, seating point of service model, casual relaxed environment for the majority of customers.

advantage four: join a security system

1, with the leading domestic decorative style and hardware facilities, mature decoration model, enabling enterprises to quickly start. 2, Shenzhen has hundreds of thousands of Hand-Pulled Noodle continuous product development and technical support functions, the operating varieties and tastes always leading the market.

Equipment and materials procurement

3, hundreds of thousands of merchants Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters, significantly reducing operating costs. 4, advanced management mode and management scheme, allows you to easily make the boss.

5, the long-term support of human resources, to protect the development needs of enterprises. 6, mature site selection and management experience, let you use the successful experience to run their own business.


7, Shenzhen Qianyi Hand-Pulled Noodle recognition system unified, make enterprises ahead of peers. 8, unified operation and service standards, so that you are successful professional.

Advertising and promotion in the form of

9 and unified, you share Shenzhen hundreds of thousands of Hand-Pulled Noodle join the brand to bring tourists. 10, unified business philosophy and corporate culture, so that employees form a good cohesion.