Trading knowledge can also make a fortune

now is really a creative decision value of the times, more and more wonderful ideas made investors dream of becoming rich, have a story to share with you now, said the huge profits is the sale of knowledge brings to a young man in Nanjing return!


Nanjing guy Huang Peng through the Internet to foreign companies and individuals to provide remote services, open up a wealth of the sky. He calls his business model "retail knowledge to foreigners."". 2007, graduated from the United States, University of Southern California master Huang Peng to return home.


(also known as "illegal subcontracting subcontracting") refers to the contractor in the contract after the project will transfer its construction tasks contracted to third people, people from the field transfer contract relation, the transferee as the other party of the contract behavior.


he found that foreign companies human cost is very high, many developing countries have begun to subcontract office chores, but subcontracting most big companies, and many small businesses in Europe and the United States also want to reduce costs.


so, he created a small and medium sized enterprises for foreign service website, order to software design, website design, CAD design, maintenance, sales and other financial data analysis, to the telephone booking car. Now, Huang Peng customers have more than 10 thousand, the list is mostly tens of thousands of dollars.


knowledge is no national boundaries, the market competition is cruel, a good idea can be a person’s wealth dream, so why not try to learn from the program?