Clever use of popular H5 elements to make micro sites become the focus

pig CMS launched H5 dynamic custom template function has been optimized to upgrade, customer friends please upgrade directly in the background can be used.

you. Then along with the small series, review the H5 dynamic custom template those who have to say the highlights.

highlights: arbitrary customization, creativity can not stop

Shakespeare uncle said, one thousand readers have one thousand Hamlett. Each business is not the same as the demand for micro site display. Pig CMS new upgrade H5 dynamic custom template, the initiative to the merchant, so that businesses want to build their own micro website style. Create a unique micro site, creativity can not stop!

if you do not want DIY, do not worry, pig CMS has a huge template, a variety of styles, a variety of fine, there is always a dish of your


two highlights: Cool dynamic, forced hanging fried days

pig CMS new upgrade H5 dynamic custom templates, seize the hot spot H5 element for businesses to create a distinctive way to show the micro site. Added a special effect of the micro site, vivid, lively, interesting, allowing businesses to sell their competitors dozens of street ~

gently opening the micro business website, playful animation into the eye. Rotate, jump, give the user unprecedented experience. Smart calm, the atmosphere does not lose force grid. Bursting with happiness, have the urge to cry


highlights three: simple operation, support to add the chain

it is worth mentioning that the dissemination of a magical light dynamic micro site, the background is not difficult to operate. You can add or edit images, text, video, music and other materials according to the requirements, and then select the appropriate animation style to be embellished.

In addition

, hold the left click and drag, you can select the right click, can copy. Whether it is pictures, text, and even the animation effect can be completely copied Oh! These small tricks, the general small series can not tell him.

at the same time, the micro channel as the palm of the best display platform, H5 dynamic custom templates can also support the addition of the chain. For example, the business has organized a micro spike activity, then you can design a small icon on the micro site, and add links to micro spike. The best return to the entrance, the business activities to bring more popularity!

well, a wave of H5 dynamic custom template hit, do not hurry up! (author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms