Stand on the level of network marketing on the greedy people

human greed created countless wealth, from large to small giant enterprises, to the populace, the network marketing to do marketing is tested in human greed even do! Of course, this topic is not about marketing, but about human nature of greed.

is not a grass root, grass root is worse than; not rich handsome and white Formica, but the fate of the other extreme — they are said to be the world’s burden, the weak is a victim of bad government; the number may not be less than 1 billion, only a day to reach others do not know how to pay. Let others give in return. They have a common name: greedy people.

, withered grass root root spread of age, added a greedy person, so that equity is the magnificent wave added a "engine", which makes the society a serious burden.

read a philosophical story before: the greedy child did not eat

lives in an orphanage in a poor area of africa. Due to the shortage of local food, the children can only eat a meal a day. So, every management staff to a limited basin Steamed Rice arrived, told the children, don’t eat too much, take care of others, but the hungry children or to put their rush on like a swarm of hornets, bowl full. Only a child to behave, every time is to wait for someone else to put the bowl filled with rice, he went to, and much less than the others in his bowl of rice.

but the administrator found that although the child behaved, but only he can eat every day. Originally, because his bowl of rice is always less than others, so that, when other children have not finished the first bowl of rice, he has begun to fill second bowls of rice. And when the other children went to second bowls of rice, there is no rice in the pot.

this story tells us that the greedy people always want to get the most, but do not know this will lose more. Greed is the nature of human being, and proper greed is a kind of self-protection consciousness. However, after the protection of excessive awareness, it will lose the things they should get, whether it is a sense of satisfaction, happiness or life, will be severely affected by excessive greed.

decided to write an article, because he met a greedy man in the other day. Want to tell more people through this article, no one owes you, people are willing to help you, because you look poor, hand to pull you up! But is often poor people must be hateful.

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