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    Service Description:

what is an enterprise member?

enterprise member service is A5 webmaster network for Internet Co, enterprise website tailored marketing services. Become our member companies, you can publish a number of sites in the A5 Adsense nets promotion articles, and enjoy a series of preferential service A5 Adsense network provides: such as study, home slide shows, A5 high-end interview, real name authentication website. A full range of brand packaging on the website, website can help get better collection as well as news sources show in 360, Baidu search engine, increase website visibility, website promotion brand image, bring more traffic and users.

why do you want to select enterprise membership services?

currently the number of domestic Internet sites 2 million 680 thousand, the annual growth rate of about 15%, of which the proportion of corporate sites are also rising year by year. Electricity supplier, the development of mobile Internet, but also to allow more traditional enterprises to recognize the importance of expanding the Internet channel. The number of Web sites has been rising year by year, more and more entrepreneurs to join the Internet, but the supporting network marketing services are uneven. High end network marketing gimmicks, higher fees, corporate Web site is difficult to bear the cost. Low level of serious homogenization of network marketing, the effect is not obvious, companies can not blindly invest. The A5 webmaster network enterprise member services from the most basic website brand and exposure rate, relying on the A5 webmaster network user base and brand reputation, let your website promotion articles to better show. Reasonable charges, the effect is stable, there are already hundreds of companies and Internet Co to join the site, is also being favored by more companies.

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service advantage:

1, A5 webmaster network weight Baidu, Google PR7, Baidu, 360, Sogou and other domestic mainstream search engine news sources included. Promote the search engine included good results.

2, A5 has a large number of enterprises, network owners, owners of Internet entrepreneurs users, post reading rate is high, there are a large number of websites reproduced, bring the viral marketing effect.

3, relying on the owners of user groups, A5 Adsense network is IDC, domain name registrar to promote the best platform.

4, A5 high-end interviews, study, presentations and other services to help create Internet brands, high authority, word-of-mouth effect.

5, A5 official website micro-blog powder, WeChat high visibility, the number of fans more than impressive, push the interview to get a better exposure.

6, A5 webmaster network editorial team of professional, for enterprise members to provide full consultation >