At the end of June or the introduction of P2P regulatory rules licensing or negative list

After the rapid development of P2P

net loan, in 2014 or will usher in a round of industry reshuffle.

according to the net loan home is not complete statistics, since 2014, did not appear to focus on the collapse of the tide, but there have been 31 platform accident, bankruptcy event will run through the year. Cash difficulties in 2007, the number of fraud, closed off the platform run away up to 135, involving an amount of over 2 billion 100 million yuan.

May 22nd, the China Banking Regulatory Commission convened including Lu Jin, all loans, Hongling venture capital, point melting network and other industries, big brother held a closed door meeting to discuss regulatory opinions. 3 days later, on May 25th, regulators including the CBRC, the central bank, once again called P2P agencies, industry conditions thoroughly. Industry sources said the end of June, P2P industry regulatory association or surfaced.

for the industry hot mode of regulation, many industry insiders to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, according to the license supervision mode of traditional financial institutions do not necessarily apply to the Internet financial platform, may lead to P2P industry reshuffle after the only banks and traditional financial institutions, the platform survived.

is different from the bank, the real P2P network lending platform does not accept funding transactions. It is not appropriate to supervise the institutions that do not participate in the transaction of funds by means of the regulation of the participation of the fund trading institutions." Zhao Yuan law, East China University of political science and international financial law school believes that if the P2P net loan platform involved in financial transactions, so this platform has the same properties with the bank, should be regulated according to the license management approach.

April 21st, the China Banking Regulatory Commission clearly put forward P2P network lending platform, the four red line, which also brings more recognition in the industry, the negative list regulatory model. Red line mode, negative list mode is the perfect model?

"red line mode, should be in the red line on the platform of financial transactions according to the participation of different distinction," Zhao Yuan told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, "which participation is one of the standard intermediate escrow account is truly platform funds separation, such as separation should accept more stringent regulation." Zhao Yuan believes that, for the government, it should be taken in accordance with the degree of participation in the different levels of capital transactions to give different levels of regulatory supervision.

"now in the industry are optimistic about the negative list mode, but suddenly appeared negative news frequently broke the long-term future, may lead to regulatory authorities’ white list", the probability of occurrence may be great." Net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei believes that so far there is no white list of the main reason is that the current number of P2P net loan platform is small, the scale is not large, and has not affected too bad events.

although the regulatory model is still hot, the introduction of regulatory rules imperative. Zhao Yuan believes that if you rely entirely on industry self-regulation, P2P net loan platform industry will lead to the second-hand car market problem: due to unity >