Housing rental site Airbnb valuation of 10 billion Some people object

[Abstract]Airbnb this valuation, more than twice the market value of the existing rental housing rental online services market HomeAway.


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sources said on Thursday, private equity firm Capital (TPG) is opposed to the online rental site Airbnb to $10 billion valuation of financing. This marks the beginning of some investors have begun to bubble Silicon Valley innovative corporate financing environment is worried.

sources said last month, too much investment is being negotiated with Airbnb, considering the latest round of financing involved in the company. Airbnb plans to finance $10 billion valuation of $450 million, but as the current round of financing, the leader of the German investment and Dragoneer Investment Group currently hopes to reduce the valuation of Airbnb.

said that the German investment has not yet decided whether or not to participate in a new round of financing Airbnb. Airbnb in 2012 to $2 billion 500 million valuation completed the last round of financing. It is reported that Airbnb is still attracting a number of other investors, or will help the company continue to complete the financing plan. As of now, TPG capital spokesman and Airbnb spokesman declined to comment for this story.

is too hesitant to invest in investment funds, hedge funds, public funds and corporate investors to invest money to Silicon Valley innovation companies in stark contrast. Bloomberg statistics show that this year, there are at least 11 technology companies to complete the 9 digit financing plan, the vast majority of companies have their own valuation of $1 billion. This includes a $4 billion 100 million valuation raised to $900 million of large data company Cloudera capital to $10 billion valuation to raise $250 million online storage company Dropbox.

Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Ryan · Cheski (Brian Chesky), Joe · (Joe, Gebbia); jambias Nathan · Bly Char Zack (Nathan Blecharczyk) Co founded. Their story is very interesting. In 2008, Cheski quit his job in Losangeles, to San Francisco and friends jambias live together. At that time they could not afford the rent. May be forced by the needs of livelihood, the two have been entrepreneurial ideas. Soon, a designer meeting in San Francisco, all the hotels have been filled. Two people suddenly had an idea: to provide designers with bed and breakfast, they can use the money to pay the rent. Results there were 3 people rented their mattresses, let them make a pot of gold. In August 2008, Airbnb.com on the line, Cheski is chief executive officer of gibbie >;