What social networking sites should rely on to make money

"Besieged City" in the other side of Zhao Xinmei hung Chien said: "you are not annoying, but you have no use", this is the old money by Zhao Xinmei mouth to evaluate the Fang Hongjian. The author’s evaluation of the hero in his novel is, of course, very pertinent.

the founder of the domestic social networking sites, said he founded the site, it is estimated that there will be similar to the old feeling of money. I contacted many chiefs of domestic SNS in small guy guy who, at this stage they think probably so. And as the "Fortress Besieged" Li Fang and Miss Pao dining section: "the soup was cold, the ice cream was hot, itapparently had landed several days, the meat was like submarine soldiers, President of phase V in the water, besides the vinegar, bread, butter, no wine a sour." Social networking sites as well, in addition to money, PV, IP, the number of registered users rose."

PV, IP, the number of registered users, and so on, do not hate, but useless, especially money, not only do not rise, and every day exhausted, gangster guy who is a little guy and miserable. Of course, there are exceptions, such as Chen Yizhou.

social networking site should rely on to make money?.

Mr. Chen Gelei in my blog "domestic SNS still need two or three to 1000 oak" after Softbank this message: "I insist that the community is not rely on advertising to make money, including not rely on advertising". In this regard, I voted for one hundred percent. (Gray’s message of "community" and I said "the social network" is a completely different thing)

Google co-founder once said, "we have so far not the best method in social network advertising and social networking to make money."

brin has two meanings, one is do not know how to use social networks to make money, as everyone is two Bizhaoyanjing can think of money — advertising, also don’t know what to do, or not as the main way to make money.

main user groups and individuals to create the content of low-end instability and large flow page uncertainty and so on, the advertisement is unlikely to become the most important mode, especially difficult to large customers.

all the money making patterns are derived from the needs of your users. In Maslow’s theory of demand, social demand ranked third, compared with the basic necessities of life and underlying physiological needs, social needs is a very vague concept. At present, the best way to make money is the operation of the Qzone, virtual goods transactions, such as value-added services as the main means to create a lot of value. However, in addition to Qzone, other social networking value-added services are not worth mentioning, can not offset the cost.

another good model is e-commerce, social networking sites from the user’s commission. The alliance between Myspace and Ebay is based on this consideration, and it is said that Facebook is also developing its own