Daily topic Baidu’s acquisition of PPS video industry ushered in the second integration

webmaster network (http://s.www.admin5.com/) April 25th news, according to sources, said Baidu has basically completed the acquisition of the Shanghai public resources network (PPS), the transaction amount of nearly $400 million. This is also following the acquisition of potatoes Youku last March, the video industry’s second acquisition. I believe it will soon break Youku potatoes a dominant situation!

Baidu PPS acquisition of the news as early as March of this year came out, but at the time Baidu and PPS both sides have denied this statement. And PPS also publicly denied, but in the industry has also been a lot of voices questioned. Now it seems that these voices are closer to the truth than PPS!

in the burn video industry has been the acquisition of potatoes Youku case, and the acquisition of potatoes Youku different. Iqiyi and PPS is a online video is a client of two forms seems to have played a complementary role. Has always stressed the genuine TV drama copyright Iqiyi main audiences in a second tier city, and PPS was founded in 2005 with the first mover advantage and early client mode, already in the domestic two or three line and three or four line city occupy huge installed base. According to official data released earlier, PPS client installed capacity has exceeded 500 million, the number of monthly active users by 160 million. IResearch data show that the average number of PPS users browse in the same competition among the first. This will give Iqiyi challenge Youku potatoes combination strength! It also makes the domestic video industry competition yoga compact.

after the acquisition of PPS is an independent route followed Youku potatoes go as dual brand, or together? If we are together have a little difficulty, we know that Iqiyi and PPS have great differences, it is because there is a big difference between the PPS and the Iqiyi business form, the possibility of acquisition both sides maintain dual brand independent operation, the possibility will be larger than the unified brand name. On the one hand there is a big difference between the two business models, the integration of operational teams will be more difficult. On the other hand, the two brands have established a relatively large brand value and a strong sense of audience, but it may make a unified brand of the business of the two positioning fuzzy, brand damage.

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