Dong Qinfeng entrepreneurs to find their own soil

jointly organized by the owners of the home, easy network, laggards in 2011 in West Lake on the "convergence of power station owners, sharing entrepreneurial vitality" communication meeting held on May 14th, the meeting invited to Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang, CEO Li Zhiguo, phpwind small Austria game CEO Wang set, Pang Xiaowei, Bay of angel venture capital network a CEO electronic commerce Lin Zhenyu and CEO Xu Junfei, Alipay’s chief designer white crow in Zhejiang such as well-known Internet guests, and attracted more than 600 Internet entrepreneurs and small website owners to participate in. On the entrepreneurial process and website profit development, team building and other entrepreneurial experience in-depth exchanges and discussion.

following is the founder of the original speech Dong Qinfeng shorthand content:

members of the Internet, including the Zhejiang brothers, good afternoon! In the morning in Dalian, came here in the afternoon, is really not a very easy thing. I think we have an afternoon also very tired, fancy stuff will not say, want to share something with you, and I hope to help everyone.

first, look at the income of the webmaster, this is not the latest data, but it is still relatively new, this is not copied this is our own data. Now this income is not healthy, why is not healthy? Two level differentiation is too serious, obviously 47% of the owners are losing money, but there are a few of the 10% part of the webmaster is very profitable, in fact such a shape is not healthy, normally possible this shape is good, the middle layer should be in the year the income of twenty thousand, thirty thousand, this ratio should be higher, so from this perspective, now everyone’s situation is not particularly optimistic, so we think this situation in the end how to solve this, actually according to the consumer level, the annual income of at least thirty thousand may, now can basically keep up form.

let’s talk about my own summed up the advantages and disadvantages, the first sentence to everyone, a person to eat is shameful. What do you mean, that is because we are born of a lot of Internet technology, how many of your classmates do not engage in technology, I want to see? This ratio is very low, indicating that still most of the webmaster, Internet entrepreneurs or technical background, technical people eat in a week two more than instant noodles please raise their hands, and a little more than the proportion that explain what the problem is, many webmaster itself or Indoorsman and Indoorswoman. Why many people eat alone is a shame, because a lot of ideas is blown out when bragging, if a person to eat, you have this person too lonely, also said the dinner time could generate ideas you give up, so this is not a good thing, the first sentence for you.

and now you see how many students now understand the national policy, for example in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in this generation, how many students can know that with the government to get free space, can be a tax rebate, tax preferential terms, if you move.