Foreign media said China’s central bank is leading the regulation of nternet Banking


technology news Beijing time on February 11th afternoon news insider revealed to the "Wall Street journal", Chinese central bank is led by the deployment of the rapid development of the Internet financial supervision and risk prevention in the industry rising.

regulatory measures will also cover the Internet based P2P credit company, the industry has been part of the company closed down.

insiders said some officials worried that investors do not know where their money went, there is also the risk of theft of personal information.

insiders said that the central bank is Chinese jointly with the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC together, will implement measures to ensure that the consumer information is not stolen or misused, adequate disclosure of product risk, while prohibiting illegal fund-raising behavior.

, a central bank official said, at present, the regulatory goal is not to suppress the industry, but to cultivate their healthy development."

January 23rd, the media reported that the State Council has agreed, by the central bank led the establishment of the "Internet Finance Association, the association of the central bank in charge of centralized.

central bank official said, the establishment of the association, indicates that the future of Internet banking related businesses will be incorporated into the regulation, the first industry norms, self-discipline began. The central bank is currently working with several major ministries to regulate the relevant documents of Internet banking."

it is understood that the Internet Finance Association is a national level associations, directly in charge of the central bank. Rather than being subordinate to a single level association under the two level, or the two association. It was established in December 3rd last year by the association of payment clearing bank in charge of Internet financial Specialized Committee, and in January 16th this year by the Ministry of the China Internet association Internet Financial Work Committee, are essentially different.

according to informed sources, the establishment of a national Internet Banking Association, only a small part of the Internet financial development and regulatory content. The subject is one of the 19 major projects undertaken by the central bank last year, led by the state council. The research group has formally in January 16th this year to report to the State Council, put forward regulatory ideas for the future, which is to support and inclusive financial development of the Internet, but not on the illegal deposits from the public, and the bottom line of illegal fund-raising.

it is understood that the Chinese payments clearing Association in February 10th issued a notice, decided in February 27th held a P2P net loan business forum, members of the unit in order to understand the business development and related service needs, strengthen communication, to develop regulatory policy suggestions.