Deep throat Dialogue had rejected Baidu’s 2 billion acquisition of UC


| Wen Guan Xiong Wang

this is a marriage to create China Internet acquisitions records.

mobile phone browser overlord UC, 5 years has refused to search overlord Baidu two huge offer. The conditions for the acquisition of concession holdings, Robin Li bid to the sincerity of the $2 billion. But in the end, Ma Baidu turned $1 billion 900 million take away other’s woman by force, eating 91 assistant.

love does not become enemies meet. Today, the two sides have to strike violently mobile search. That day, I call on the new battleground parties should be fair competition (blue next point concerns the title character after the view above), yuyongfu micro-blog publicly forwarded this article, claiming that "according to the rules of competition in the arena Chinese competition on the Internet can not be like the man, or to recognize! In the ring below the black hand!" Baidu’s old rival Zhou Hongyi is behind the sound of UC.

Yanjuan meditation, this scene, with the last 360 attempts to attack Baidu Sogou merger coalition, similar Former friends become enemies with each other. finally. The Internet arena is full of men, ambition, and calculating spirit.

why Yu Yongfu finally chose the Alibaba BAT three giant different investment strategy, the Chinese companies who have the effect of


see a deep throat broke me exclusive behind the story. Given the extreme sensitivity of the information, the person strongly requested anonymity, please understand.

Wang Guanxiong: UC and Baidu this battle is expected, the two were originally, now became intimate enemy.

deep throat: fit from a business point of view, the browser and the search is indeed a global, the strength of the Internet Co once deep one, then the inevitable will be involved in another. For example, Google, Microsoft. On the contrary, if only do one of them, it is easy to get stuck in traffic and inefficient use of heteronomy. China is the same, you are in 360, Sogou have done the market, the two two rocket business model is the most important hub of the browser.

Wang Guanxiong: Baidu search advantage in China, in recent years, 360 articles met Sogou browser’s challenge, but Robin Li should be understood this early.

Deep throat:

. In 2008, apple and Google set off the mobile Internet revolution revealed signs of Robin Li began, inquiry at the time of mobile phone browser has become the absolute leader of the UC, hoping to great advantage of Baidu on the PC side with the fastest speed is extended to the mobile phone terminal. Because the data show that Baidu was at the end of the mobile traffic almost all from UC. From this perspective, the layout of Baidu mobile awareness is not late, even very advanced.

Wang Guanxiong: then why don’t talk about? 08 years should be Baidu brilliance.

Deep throat:

mainly because Baidu was.