To brush single gray industry check to not be dead brush is not only to die

brush single gray industry full disclosure: check is not dead, not only die


tiger sniffing note: Tmall this year, double eleven 91 billion 200 million people on the same day in HUAWEI, visible before the eyes, millet, Meizu other fellow accused the other of brush single farce, this year eleven is also seen as the worst year of single brush. In fact, Tmall, Jingdong around Taobao brush has formed a huge gray industrial chain, by a single brush has a title of "occupation hand brush".

brush brings false transactions also attracted the attention of the country. At present, the Ministry of commerce is promoting the "commodity circulation law" legislation, in the future, the shop brush behavior may constitute an offense, and face penalties. Single brush phenomenon on the one hand to the data on the water, on the other hand to reduce the consumer’s trust in the electricity supplier industry, and ultimately will bring a sense of distrust throughout the industry.

however, the merchant scalping is to continue to develop in the platform under the deterioration of the ecological environment, not only do not brush down, only a single brush to make up sales and reputation, ranking, consumers have more opportunities in their own stores to browse the goods. Open shop in their circle of popular saying: "if found, a single brush may die, do not brush only to die."

on the other hand, such as Taobao, Tmall’s business platform, each category of "second" (operation) are KPI, in order to get the performance bonus, they will also suggest that businesses brush.

addition, O2O subsidies also brought scalping chaos, we are not unfamiliar to a single brush and brush single words, this chain is still relatively unknown how to operate. The following news from the CCTV brush single survey. Tiger sniffing made delete.

decryption Taobao brush single group: rigorous training needs assessment


store: how do you say? By me or my friends around Taobao store at least 30%, there are 40% brushes, which is false trading. The brush on the breeding of a large number of professional brush. These brush hand some have fought and fight a lone battle, they are linked through the QQ group or other platform etc..

: now basically occupation hand brush brush hand in particular, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, basically the country has, almost all brush.

Most of the

brush hand is to earn extra money for college students and housewives, join the brush single organization is very easy to live. In general, a single brush host at least 7000 days to release a single single, a single Commission of about $8 to $10, the cost of the host and brush hand equally. Particularly good brush, a day to earn two hundred or three hundred dollars a little problem.

reporter learned that the current network has hundreds of different brush site and community. The owner of the Taobao Mike introduction, he was surrounded by more than a dozen brush organization, each organizer has tens of thousands of professional brush. According to a rough estimate, at least one million people in the country’s brush army.

brush organization