Wu Xiaoling nternet financial impact on traditional financial philosophy


Tencent science and technology news (Zhu Xudong) April 7th news, because of the high-profile intervention of state regulators and banks, the Internet financial industry has received a lot of attention outside. But the outside world last year in China, there are still a lot of fire up the Internet banking.

recently Dean of Tsinghua University and Wudaokou Institute of finance Wu Xiaoling told CCTV financial channel chief financial correspondent Zhang Lin interview, easy to talk about her views on the Internet financial. Wudaokou Institute of finance, the predecessor of the people’s Bank of China graduate school, is China’s first specialized training of senior financial management personnel. Since its inception in September 1981, China’s financial sector to cultivate a large number of backbone, known as the financial Whampoa ".

Wu Xiaoling believes that Internet banking will not have much impact on traditional finance, the biggest impact is on the concept. She said that the emergence of Internet banking made banks feel the pain of cutting one’s body, can help banks to reform, but also to enhance service awareness and competitiveness of banks.

for the balance of treasure such products, Wu Xiaoling think the biggest challenge is to get regulatory permission, without supervision, the second is to explain to investors the risk, finally achieve T+0 to ensure that when the risk of epidemic prevention.

the following is the full text of the interview:

Zhang Lin: Internet banking is a unique concept of China


Wu Xiaoling: I think the Internet banking is the essence, including the Internet, big data, cloud computing, mobile payment and so on the modern information technology, used in the financial sector, in this sense, there is no Internet banking. But in Chinese, under this unique environment, the emergence of the concept of Internet banking, I think it is mainly because Chinese there are long-term financial repression, a large number of people not covered by traditional financial, and now, these Internet companies use the Internet technology, provides financial services to these people, so in China appeared in Internet financial. So I think, Internet banking, in China, is a specific historical stage of a particular product.

Zhang Lin: so nature or finance?

Wu Xiaoling: the essence of finance, so it must comply with the laws of finance, the financial industry that involves the public interest, must be included in the same regulation. But if it does not involve a large number of public behavior, it can be self regulatory.

Zhang Lin: a lot of people, especially those in traditional financial institutions are saying that the balance of treasure and they did not stand on the same starting line, is unfair competition, how do you see?

Wu Xiaoling: I don’t think they’re not on the same starting line. Why? Is the balance of treasure itself, I studied it very carefully, I think it is just to put a payment system, is Alipay, and a fund sales tied together, it is a day.