Domestic smartphone wants to take over Microsoft land lost patent is the largest short board

recently, Microsoft on NOKIA mobile phone sector layoffs 7800, announced the Microsoft mobile phone business prematurely senile. But this is actively developing overseas markets for domestic mobile phone manufacturers, is undoubtedly a major positive. Although Microsoft in the field of intelligent mobile phone share is not high, but its early exit reduces to a certain extent, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to enter the overseas market pressure. But industry experts have pointed out that the domestic intelligent mobile phone biggest problem is the lack of core competitiveness of enterprises, big but not strong, there are a lot of work to do to promote the overseas market.

Microsoft back forward

domestic brands

restructuring of the previous round, renamed and other series of initiatives, after all, failed to let NOKIA mobile phones in the hands of Microsoft live a second". On Thursday, Microsoft announced another restructuring of the mobile phone hardware business, is expected to cut up to 7800 jobs at the same time, for about $7 billion 600 million for the acquisition of NOKIA devices and services business assets, and included in the 750 million -8.5 billion restructuring charges. This means that after the acquisition of NOKIA, Microsoft at least more than $8 billion loss.

it is understood that in this round of layoffs, the original NOKIA headquarters in Finland to become the hardest hit, with the original NOKIA joined Microsoft’s 25 thousand people, there will be more than 20 thousand people were cut off. Insiders pointed out that Microsoft layoffs again, not only announced the failure of Microsoft mobile phones, but also conveys the idea that Microsoft will give up the short-term development of smart phones.

compared to Microsoft’s asset impairment, layoffs, closing factories and other backward strategy, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers are constantly moving forward. In the past period of time, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers once again frequently released new mobile phone, HUAWEI, Meizu on the same day released their new smart mobile phone, LETV officially released its most high-end mobile phone series Le Max. Last week, ZTE’s mobile phone will Nubian new product launch ceremony in abroad. In addition, the opening of the market in India millet, is actively planning the Brazil market, and VIVO, OPPO and other manufacturers, but also in the layout of the Southeast Asian market.


big but not strong lack of core competitiveness

domestic mobile phone manufacturers want further development, but also to the critical period must go abroad. It is understood that in the first quarter of 2015, China’s smart phone shipments fell for the first time in six years. The IDC data also show that in the first quarter, China’s smart phones in the world accounted for 29% from the same period last year fell to 25%.

for mobile phone shipments decline, communications industry experts Liu Qicheng believes that the main reason is that the domestic intelligent mobile phone users tend to be saturated, the popularity of intelligent mobile phone Chinese rate has exceeded the United States and Europe, estimated at more than 90%.

from last year, the domestic smart phone shipments have been showing a downward trend. Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute data released in January showed that in the fourth quarter of 2014 smartphone shipments fell 8>