Today’s headlines temporarily resolve the crisis of tort the plaintiffs withdrawal


technology news June 18th afternoon message, information aggregation applications, today’s headlines today and the "Guangzhou daily" signed a cooperation agreement, which has a formal application for withdrawal. Prior to this, the Guangzhou Daily has sued today’s headlines copyright infringement.

at the beginning of June, the "Guangzhou daily" have the right to network dissemination of Guangzhou interactive information network Co., Ltd., for infringement of the copyright to have today’s headlines beat Beijing byte Technology Co., the company filed suit, Beijing Haidian District people’s court conducted a public hearing.

is the focus of dispute between the parties, including the client grab headlines today, "Guangzhou daily" and other media of the original news, and then organize, classify, ranking, finally launched the "two processing" news, but not from the content production side benefit, obviously not tolerate this situation.

it is reported that in the Guangzhou daily after the launch of the lawsuit, the two sides have been in cooperation negotiations, and ultimately reached a cooperation agreement content page.

today’s headlines, said the future will be more open and the media to explore copyright purchase, diversion or revenue sharing approach. Zhang Hengbin, vice president of the Guangzhou daily, said: "we hope that future cooperation will be more long-term, to produce better results."

currently has thousands of all kinds of media, including,, Shanghai SMG, reference news, Beijing TV, CCTV finance, Guangming,, global network, Caixin, Zhejiang online, tiger sniffing, cooperation agreement with today’s headlines or settled in this sun media platform.

today’s headlines, said it would respect the choice of content producers, including the consideration of the traditional form of cooperation with the copyright purchase, and has begun to contact. At the same time, today’s headlines will be disconnected without the intention of cooperation media links.

today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming stressed that in the upcoming promoting business cooperation program launched in today’s headlines will provide tools for Associated Media for business content page advertisements, or to participate in today’s headlines advertising alliance proceeds.

today’s headlines on 2012 on the line in the end of the year, is a machine learning based on the content of the recommendation engine, currently more than 120 million users to download, live more than 40 million monthly users. June 3rd, today’s headlines announced financing $100 million, the market valuation of more than $500 million. (Yan Fei)