Vulgar and copyright original sin Thunder is our teacher with Baidu

I believes that the current most dark horse website, download software and social software, are relying on some pornographic and pirated content or edge ball to quickly gather massive members and users, although this earned pot of gold, but also the deep buried hidden dangers for the future. In the current situation, white wash, transformation, copyright, these issues are they must face.


is known as the "Indoorsman essentials" online video service provider customers, recently announced the closure of the QVOD server, stop the video on demand and energy-saving technology based on. 22, 2009, micro-blog large Internet thing that is broke the news that a large number of police officers to enter the fast broadcasting company in the morning of 11, control of all employees, are not allowed to touch the phone and computer, the company will be sealed all computers.

The development model of

Chinese Internet companies tend to follow the "path of grey started to wash the white", as Nora admits, "vulgar content and copyright issues have been (Chinese Internet) bear sin". Nora is to wash white when they touch on the "net 2014" network pornography. This action is a wake-up call for the Internet cafe, see your ass clean, and cherish.



thunder is fast teacher. And Nora, thunder’s core technology and products are downloaded. That year, it has just launched the launch of the software download, it quickly condenses a large number of users, and ultimately occupy the Chinese market share of nearly 80% of the software download.

‘s P2P technology allows users to share a variety of files through the thunder download software, including a number of small and medium film stations to provide pirated and pornographic movies.

and thunder through the establishment of up to 60 levels of membership system, allowing members to get faster download speed and other rights and pay the cost, or spend more time on the thunder to share and download.

thunder now, even the domain name into, want to quickly whiten. But there are still a lot of people through the thunder download and share pirated and pornographic videos. And the thunder is still in the United States Trade Representative Office of the notoriety of the market. And it also makes the thunder of the road is very bumpy IPO.



Baidu launched Baidu video is the biggest rival nora. And Nora, Baidu video will let those small movie station default of their players for their pirated and pornographic video on demand system.

, according to a movie director revealed that the main way to make money is to join the movie advertising alliance, join a good advertising alliance, a daily independent IP up to 10 thousand of the monthly revenue of about $20 thousand movie station. Pirated movie stations in order to get a higher income, have rushed to use more erotic content to attract users, >