Zhou Ning understand the open platform to seize the development opportunities

in the past double eleven shopping carnival, Taobao Tmall Alipay total sales reached 19 billion 100 million, this is an amazing number, is like a raging fire in the major electricity supplier, but as a grassroots webmaster, just business spectator and consumers? The Internet environment uncertainty, grassroots webmaster how to find new opportunities in the new under the environment of. Tencent open platform, Baidu open platform, open platform is a new trend, grassroots webmaster how to find new opportunities in the open platform

A5 this Thursday edition chat activity, invite Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning teacher, share grassroots webmaster how to open platform to find new opportunities, to achieve the transformation, in this paper a simple question and answer, easy to read.

: Mr. Zhou Ning, Hello! Said in the grassroots transformation, then to the grassroots webmaster what? Open platform is an opportunity, how to find and grasp this opportunity, how to adjust their own


answer: we look back in the past, the most profitable areas of grassroots Webmaster:

1, domain name transactions; 2, through the SEO technology to obtain the flow of advertising revenue and the alliance; the 3, the operation of the value of the site. We see more of the top two, and the real value of the site to make the success of the proportion of the webmaster is actually very little.

in the face of transformation, we first have to think about the problem is: how much do I want to do? I am suitable for more than big? Want to do a lot of business needs a certain amount of resources, which is one ten key. The reality of some of the practice is to choose what they are good at, quick access to income.

so what does the open platform bring to us? I think so:

1, due to various reasons, including various types of policy implications, grassroots webmaster must first be aware of the station may not do the same as in the past, to apply for a domain name, set up a website, and then do traffic. The website is a tool!

2, mobile Internet traffic in a gradual rise, the current promotion of mobile client is a good opportunity.

3, Open Platform Alliance advertising promotion is also a good opportunity.


: an example of Tencent open platform, QQ is a whirlwind, recommend you to read an article "the webmaster of evolutionary history (author: Zhou Ning)," is how to use QQ to get revenue through the promotion of the cyclone.

answer: currently the main open platform: Tencent, Baidu, Ali, 360, sina micro-blog.

personal webmaster can choose the opportunity: >