Comments on the website to find the path to break through the development of three puzzles constrain

editor’s note / compared to the increasingly popular SNS, in the past year, mainly for advertising as a means of profit review website is facing the bottleneck of development. To sum up, review sites basic business model is to rely on comments together popularity, attract advertising business cooperation. The main problem is the lack of diversification of the profit model, low barriers to entry, homogeneity serious, the fairness of the review has been questioned. This issue will focus on how to solve the problem of comments on the web site and in-depth discussion.


profit model single

problem: in the Web2.0 gradually into the concept of exhaustion and suck gold tide at the moment, comments on the site is generally faced with a single profit model problem.

weapon: expand the "one-stop" services, such as consumers go to the restaurant after consumption, may have to K demand, reasonable consumption extension, is effective way to expand their business review sites.

Yang Bo: Web2.0 in the winter is a good thing, can let us avoid the confusion of "concentrate". Watercress network, now is a good time to concentrate on doing things. Douban in addition to "book club", also love reading people expanded to love movies, love music people, in addition to the user self published book and film reviews, but also to recommend books, movies and music to the readers. Although the main income of watercress network is still from advertising, but we are not simply rely on user browsing to make money, watercress network is now the most concerned about the user experience.

Wu Hao: the emergence of a variety of industry review site, indicating that the user needs to comment on the site is more and more. Whether to eat, travel or buy a car to see a doctor, in various fields have a very leading UGC (that is, user generated content) on behalf of. For TripAdvisor, we first put itself on a media, so the income sources now mainly rely on advertising, booking websites to travel (such as Ctrip, eLong website) for click charges. Another revenue is the direct annual fee paid by the cooperative hotel. As the field of tourism vertical review site TripAdvisor introduced for the Chinese situation of global and China Hotel Hotel, the hotel direct product. We are very optimistic about the prospects for the domestic tourism market, coupled with the profitability of TripAdvisor experience, to the network with confidence in the next 2~3 years to achieve profitability.

Long Wei: and most of the comments website, the main means of public comment is still the main means of advertising businesses. Businessmen are willing to advertise, the first value is the website to gather popularity. Public comment network is currently in Shanghai and Beijing, the market penetration of advertising businesses is only about 5%, indicating that the market space is still very large. Recently, we pass to the registered members to send food cards, and then by the catering card provided by the restaurant consumption rebate to way to attract consumers. On the basis of the accumulation of sufficient customer resources, the public comment network also expanded to the field of publishing business, such as our user comments set >