Global two dimensional industry alliance is about to set up Tencent B station etc in the column

During the thirteenth session of the

Chinese Changzhou International Animation Art Week, on the morning of September 28th, held "two dimensional element of the world – Asia industry development forum", the two dimension of Global Industry Alliance (Global ACGN Industry Alliance, hereinafter referred to as "ACGN" or "alliance") will be formally established.

ACGN is composed of two dimensions of industry leaders, experts and scholars, research institutions jointly initiated the establishment of the international two dimensional industry alliance, aims to practice the national "The Belt and Road" policy and the "cultural going out" strategy, to promote the two dimension related industrial agglomeration and integration, promote exchanges and cooperation in industrial enterprises and regulate the development of the industry, to speed up the two dimension related industrial chain enterprises internationalization.

in recent years, the two dimension Chinese industry has made a hitherto unknown achievement, animation, animation and constantly improve the level of the two dimension, games, film and television culture and other cultural forms are becoming increasingly closer, but there are still problems to protect the rights and interests of scarce, business model is not mature, professional social services is not strong, the original good the two dimension of cultural products, less legitimate operators are not perfect and serious piracy. In order to promote the healthy development of the industry in the two dimension, ACGN insist on bringing in and out of the development strategy to combine, in fostering sustainable development mode, establish the fair and reasonable industry rules, establishing effective protection mechanism, promote the industry and capital integration, Chuang Jianjian Kang civilized image of the industry efforts.


Photograph: Bilibili

It is reported that there are

, Tencent, Bilibili, Win Asia One, the hero of mutual entertainment, the early bird investment fund, pumpkin vine culture, diffuse mutual entertainment, light box, power network, Beijing Jiashi Detong rice, Tianjin national animation industry base, Shanghai, Changzhou Xuandong digital creative base more than and 30 domestic and international mainstream two yuan enterprises and institutions confirmed to join the alliance. ACGN inauguration ceremony, the alliance sponsor Gao Dongxu will be issued a declaration of the development of the industry, and a detailed description of the main work of the union.

Asia two dimensional industry forum will begin

, to Chinese, Japan and South Korea famous two dimensional enterprise, research institutions, investment institutions representatives made a keynote speech at the meeting, and exchanges and cooperation in the two dimension project is discussed, and jointly promote the communication linkage, countries two dimensional industrial integration development, to achieve mutual benefit a win-win situation.

ACGN the spirit of "voluntary, equality and cooperation" principle, with "win-win cooperation and mutual benefit, common development" for the purpose of gathering domestic and international excellent two dimensional cultural creators, creation mechanism, communication mechanism and platform, research institutions, industry organizations, has been open before the date of filing.