The largest share pirated SkyDrive founder extradition will face a criminal trial

Megaupload, founder of Dortmund Kham


technology news Beijing time on December 23rd afternoon, New Zealand judge ruled Thursday Internet entrepreneur Kim – Dortmund Kham (Kim Dotcom) with extradition request can be sent back to the United States to accept the criminal trial.

according to the ruling, Dortmund Kham and three of his former colleague Mathias – Altman (Mathias Ortmann), Finn (FInn Batato) – Bata support and Brahm – Vander Kolko (Bram van der Kolk) are in accordance with the request for extradition.

is the founder of Tekaomu file sharing site Megaupload, the site was once the world’s largest gathering of pirated content of.

The decision of the judges will be drawn out

New Zealand Dortmund Kangmu case and a step forward. For some time, whether his criminal charges are consistent with the extradition request has been controversial.

Megaupload in January 2012 by the United States federal agents closed, and Tekaomu and his colleagues were the New Zealand police arrest, they face a number of criminal charges.

Tekaomu was born in Germany in 1974, formerly known as Kim · Schmitz (Kim Schmitz). He said that Megaupload is just a file sharing site, can not upload the other people to upload pirated documents attributed to him.

has attracted the attention of regulators in his early 20 when he was charged with several counts, including computer fraud.

Dortmund Kham’s lawyer in the ruling after the release said that they would like the U.S. extradition request is submitted to the Supreme Court review, but declined to comment further.

Dortmund Viacom also after the verdict was announced by Twitter to thank supporters. (Yu