Local part time website promotion methods to share


The author is engaged in a network of

company, and for only 2 years, not to mention what the sharing of experience, work is the most contact part of industry, so the part-time network mode of operation and promotion are scanty, in this competition.

part of the network in recent years, the rapid development of Baidu search part-time network to find the relevant results of about 11400000, and a large talent network on the part of the word to do a competitive ranking, we can see the big market. The part-time network is divided into two modes, one is 1010, 58, and other large market part-time part-time national network, the characteristic of this kind of website is released, view information free, mainly to advertising and value-added service profit. Two is to provide part-time information intermediary service model, this kind of website is mainly in the form of information to provide profit.

The promotion of

large web sites will not say, reference 58 city, go to the market, today is about local part-time website how


1, enter the University

college students accounted for more than half of the network of the target group, and is the most loyal access groups, so very important. What are the first summarizes the local colleges and universities, each university about how much the number, then according to the number of colleges and universities to determine the recruitment of 2-5 part-time students in each school, because they are the students of this school, a lot of work than people outside the convenient, including leaflets, posters, selling cards, part-time to lead the students to interview etc. that is because there is a sense of trust alumni. In addition, they can also rely on them to organize some activities in the school, such as: football games, and even provide some vocational training related activities. It will be good to have a successful speech.

2, cooperation with large enterprises

for enterprise cooperation is an important part of the local part-time network of the survival and development of part-time information can only provide real and effective long-term development, now Lenovo, small restaurants have talent demand, the demand on holidays talent is more prosperous, and the enterprises can seek long-term cooperation, to provide part-time personnel services or activities the contractor, in cooperation with large enterprises can be sure of regular and part-time network strength.

3, search engine


search engine is one of the important ways to attract visitors to the website each target, the main method is the keyword ranking, such as: Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu part-time part-time part-time students, Chengdu part-time recruitment and so on, specific keywords can be many hundreds, need specific analysis. How to do keywords ranking is not on this burden, there are too many ways on the network. Do keywords ranking to remember: method is important, no execution is blank, the most important thing is to insist on.

4, word of mouth marketing

this is also a common method of network promotion, Baidu know, ask, ask questions and other web site publicity (method: Baidu)

5, forum, blog promotion