Anhui in 80 based nternet

      Anhui is close to the explosive growth of the Internet gateway, with a large number of "80" youth oriented Internet entrepreneurs will gather in Hefei to discuss plans for the development of the Internet industry in May 17th. Sponsored by the newspaper’s Internet industry forum in Anhui, in addition to the discussion of the industry trend, will also focus on promoting green network culture, issued a civilized network initiative.

more and more people in Anhui, with the help of the mouse, keyboard and cable, become a regular network of virtual world. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released data show that in 2007 the Internet penetration rate in Anhui has reached 9.6%, equivalent to every 10 people in Anhui, nearly 1 people have become Internet users. CNNIC believes that when the penetration rate is between 10%-20%, the size and penetration of the Internet will grow rapidly. Therefore, Anhui has been close to the explosive growth of the Internet gateway.

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users, improving penetration rate, showed that the Internet has been widespread used in the economic development and social life, this will be for the development of the Internet industry in Anhui, creating a more favorable market conditions. Recently, the "Hefei hotline" and "52PK game" has completed the introduction of strategic investors respectively, Anhui Internet companies have also made great achievements in group purchase, recruitment, real estate sales, wedding and entertainment etc..

under this background, the 9 Internet companies and the newspaper jointly sponsored by the "Anhui Internet Industry Summit Forum and the second Anhui stationmaster Congress", to jointly explore the development direction of the Internet industry in Anhui, the formation of the Anhui Internet Industry Association, publish the relevant statistical data, trend analysis and discussion of industry. The summit will be held in Hefei in May 17th, the newspaper good like community sponsored by the province’s 9 well-known websites sponsored by the invitation to become a special support for this conference site.

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, the organizer of the Anhui Yanhuang network technology company representative Guan Peng introduced, there are nearly 300 sites for participants, the number of participants has exceeded 400 people. Most of the owners for the 80 youth, with more than university culture, which accounted for about 30% of college students, the youngest is only 16 years old. Anhui Internet entrepreneurs constitute the age and cultural level, but also shows that the Internet industry in Anhui has a strong reserve force.

master, the organizers also said that the general assembly for pure public welfare activities, participants are not charged fees, but the need to submit an application online ( The conference will also focus on promoting Anhui green network culture, hundreds of Anhui webmaster participants will be signed "Anhui webmaster civilized proposal, green culture construction of Anhui network, purify the network environment. Hold the meeting indicates that Anhui Internet status rising, Internet will become the Chinese Anhui in the Internet industry as a new force.