How to use the title of WeChat rapid growth fans

I believe that as the operation of the US, we are also a number of public subscription to WeChat, but a lot of reading the contents of the public number is not high, most of the time a lot of subscription number the content can not be seen by the user. This is what causes it? According to my analysis the biggest problem is the title of the article, if users see your title or click he can not arouse the reading interest, you again good content also is in vain.

I personally think that if the evaluation of an article, then the title can account for 50%, accounting for only about 50%. An article, there will be 80% people to see the title of the article, and only 20% of people will read the text, so if we do not write the title, will lose a large part of the amount of fans reading. This suggests that when we push on the day after, we should spend at least half of the time in the title. In front of me also said how to find the material method, then we focus on the title.

let me tell you how to write an attractive title.

1 specific data

is very sensitive to the number, and the number of many times in our efficiency records, and the use of number in the title is a shortcut, the headline number is larger, the spread is wider, so we can use the digital in the title will try not to use Chinese. Pictured:


we can see these titles are the specific data, the user through the data can be very sensitive to the unconscious click, they wonder why there will be a big data? Even if our content is not very good, but only the title attracted his interest in reading.

2 using hyperbole

Exaggerated by

we take the above data, a deiivery killing 1 billion 300 million people, how many people think we Chinese ah, why can cause so many people laugh? This is the exaggeration, we can make a data unlimited expansion, thus caused the reader in figure


here in 1 million 660 thousand and 1 billion 300 million, this data is difficult to imagine for us, but it is because of this kind of exaggeration can attract numerous people to read, users love is such an exaggerated content.

3 uses ambiguous statements

here said the use of ambiguous statements this is mainly aimed at the fans are men, because we have a male friend, it is like the kind of lewd. Like the male friends to see the beauty of the same, we see our "beauty" may be seen from behind the girl had a long figure is good in the street, so we want to see what they look like, this figure is just like our title, but the real into a look back may be the killer, so we like article. As long as the first to give you a good impression that you can