Music as soon as the cloud will open the market value of financing or up to ten billion dollars

in recent years, China’s cloud computing industry strong momentum of development. In early 2015, the State Council promulgated the "State Council on promoting the development of cloud computing innovation, foster the views of the new format of the information industry," Document No. 5, it is explained that the cloud computing will have a broader space for development. According to consulting firm IDC is expected, in 2016 China’s public cloud market size will reach 24 billion 670 million yuan, an annual compound growth rate of 38.6%.

cloud computing as the future trend of development, nature is also the darling of funds sought after. It is seen that the trend of various cloud computing service providers intensive released the 2015 strategic plan. Of course there are some high gold content of the "cloud" business, but there are a lot of "cloud" just parroting the concept of suction eye. According to sources close to music as revealed, as the music will be launched in the near future financing. Industry analysts have said that no matter how much music cloud first round of financing, but the total market value of music as the cloud has been more than ten billion dollars.

then since the launch of the concern of the music as cloud value exactly how


focus on video, independent joint development of SaaS cloud

industry circle has been established its own infrastructure in cloud computing, or better leveraging other arguments IaaS. As the music itself has its own infrastructure and IaaS, PaaS R & D team, the number of global nodes nearly 600, bandwidth of 10Tbps. But music, as the cloud in the development of independent and joint VaaS, is the most suitable for their own development path. From the perspective of the development path, which follows the principle of cooperative development, selection and complementary advantages of cloud computing music as the joint development of cloud computing companies, through cooperation with more cloud service providers to quickly build the underlying platform. This is indeed conducive to the development of music as the cloud to achieve its dense deployment and the layout of the nearest service.

Node layout in

high density enhance the music service ability but also on the network presents a challenge, in order to deal with the technical challenges in the global multi nodes densely deployed in the network, as the cloud music research since SEN (Self-evoluted Network, self evolution network). SEN methodology is a simple and reliable alternative to complex architectures. It includes self perception, self evolution, self-learning, adaptive, self control, self convergence. In the face of the global tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of nodes, SEN is all the nodes are abstracted into a data model, such as nodes and nodes, and then all the data elements through a set of multi-dimensional algorithm connected network system. And SEN in a number of technologies using an open source approach. Expected this year, as the music will launch SEN white paper.

music as a cloud VaaS business model and many cloud service enterprises, focus more on music as cloud video cloud services, while the majority of cloud service providers such as CDN service is the general service, these services will not all the resources are concentrated in the video cloud, cloud music has tremendous advantages in terms of resources. Music cloud is currently fully support 4K>