nventory in 2014 the domestic industry O2O venture list

at the end of 2014, to make a comb for the O2O business in the 14 major traditional industries, and stock market size and characteristics of various industries, and also introduces the basic model of enterprise representatives, most are alive, a small part is lost, take out is because there is a place worth learning.

first look at the relationship between the consumption frequency and the amount of consumption of a whole industry.




explain how to read this picture, first is horizontal coordinate consumption frequency, from low to high; longitudinal is the amount of consumption, from low to high; the two coordinates to draw the four quadrant, which the industry position corresponding to the 2 coordinates of the size, such as high frequency low wedding is typical of the restaurant is the low amount of high frequency.

the second circle represents the size of the scale of the industry, is not entirely accurate, goods transit network to develop a reference formula: user base * average consumption amount * * expected growth rate of consumption frequency, such as ticketing is tens of billions of scale, the community is qianyiji, catering is trillion; but O2O penetration in all walks of life can not be achieved 100% therefore, this kind of data can only be used as a reference.

finally, the industry is independent but there are overlapping, so there will be the intersection between a circle graph, not all; for example, the United States is a combination of beauty and health, a large part of the home to the community, hotels, short rent apartment is between tourism and real estate, and Tourism covers some ticket (ticket attractions), of course, most compatibility and expansionary or food, applicable to all industries, the scene.

also shows that giant internal incubator project is not listed here, such as the 58 home, Ali Amoy little, but there are exceptions, the market under the banner of the ants short rent at the end of 2012 split into independent companies, so the list, the same figure good education.

then comes the main event, we separated by industry, a total of 14 industries, involving almost the life of people, living, idle away in seeking pleasure: sickness and death, marriage and beauty education. Because each industry is a big market, and we find that outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises are generally a good starting point is a subdivision, avoid the giant vision, the two is easy to form the core competitiveness; when the market is open, BAT will panic but the incoming, or investment company or, the internal integration of new project incubation. So here is divided into small categories to help readers better understand the company and its industry, click on the name of the venture can view the relevant articles.

(1) the most popular dining O2O

"eat" is the first important thing, data show that in 2013 takeaway market is $6 billion 400 million (40 billion yuan), which accounted for less than 10% takeaway food market, including, if the whole restaurant group purchase market is O2O trillion; however, group purchase.