Buy the site to the life of the service O2O transformation have open comments

product research director, analyst Huang Yuanpu

product research uses consulting in the mainstream of domestic group purchase website, open since 2012 business overall score since the U.S. mission network, handles network group purchase website recently has been low-key open for business users to review the information, coupled with the earlier release business review of information Gaopeng and thousands of products, and review the business itself from the public comment group, the group purchase websites have review the information to the consumer decision-making entrance dispute upgrade. Goods transit consulting analysis, the longer term will still be the entrance consumer decision-making field of life services O2O dominant; the long term, and based on the real transaction review information will gradually replace the original information, the service life of the consumer decision-making O2O entrance will present the trend of decentralization.

one, buy site has been open to comment information to attract consumers

China group purchase industry since 2010 in Chinese rise after the 2011 great leap forward, the market to enter the stage of rational development in 2012 after the group purchase website by the original crazy advertising investment and low discount to attract consumers to the strategy is not sustainable. To this end, part of the group buying site in 2012 after the opening of the overall score of the business, in order to make a decision to buy consumer groups to provide reference. After March 2013, the U.S. group net and handle network open for business users low-key comment information, hope that through real comment information to attract consumers, in order to improve the competitiveness of the consumer decision-making website as the entrance.

product consulting believes that discount is one of the most important reasons users make consumer decisions, but also to make consumer decisions and consumer information is closely related. For the frequent changes in the life of the service market, information asymmetry always exists, the user needs to do business decisions need to refer to the needs of business information has been there. For the group purchase website, relying on low discount to attract consumers more and more difficult to continue after the strategy in 2012, single group purchase discount rate began to return to normal levels, group purchase service O2O model began to transition to life, review the information importance as a reference index of consumer decision making is rising.

two, based on the real transaction generated comment information more valuable

mainstream buy site has long attached great importance to the evaluation of the consumer business, often based on consumer ratings as a basis for screening businesses. In order to obtain the real evaluation information, group purchase website will be the first time in group purchase coupons after inviting consumers in the form of text messages and write a comment score, group purchase website often as an incentive to score even coupons. Due to the lack of data, while being forced by the pressure of the merchant, the vast majority of the site for a long period of time to review the evaluation of the business and information openness cautious attitude.

With the

industry group purchase market development to the survival of the fittest, part of the website group purchase 2013 gradually become the mainstream in the market, they both data and business discourse are improved obviously, review the information become a reality and rational choice. Goods.