The survival dilemma of micro blog Marketing Company

according to the voice of economic reports, from the QQ signature, blog, micro-blog mobile phone to send, emotion and communication in the way of changing people express, but when Sina announced the micro-blog comprehensive commercial marketing company, micro-blog has fallen into a new survival predicament. Insiders said that the future of micro-blog marketing company may die a large.


micro-blog registered user name as "Guangzhou tide play" Mr. Chen has 190 thousand fans attention, but he has some trouble, because live less, less income:

Chen: business volume in the last year to this year to open up their own business is increasing, but from the large public relations company in the business, if I rely on advertising, then I can not live. From this year’s recruitment situation, there are a few small girls before doing meager marketing, but their companies this year, all customers have not renewed this year, so the layoffs, the dissolution of the.

Chen believes that micro-blog marketing to do bad, the reason may be on sina. In April this year, the full implementation of micro-blog Sina commercialization. On the one hand, Sina speed up its commercialization process, the introduction of App, micro games, paid micro interviews, micro live, etc.. Sina micro-blog micro interview a quote 75 thousand yuan, a micro live $150 thousand. Micro-blog’s iPhone client a week quoted price is 1 million 400 thousand yuan.

on the other hand, in order to maintain their own advertising system, prevent the grassroots large advertising division of commercial interests, Sina micro-blog began to strictly control measures on the implementation of grassroots large: in May 28th of this year, Sina announced the "Sina micro-blog community Convention", prohibited publication of pornographic pictures and grassroots large yellow piece.

Mr. Chen, including

, a lot of micro-blog marketing companies are missing in 2011, at that time, Sina micro-blog needs to expand its influence, there are large grassroots interests of sina, so micro-blog funny list "a large annual profit of more than 15 million yuan. But now, in the face of sina’s strong beachhead. These micro-blog marketing companies had to quickly differentiate.

has long been the beginning of the withdrawal of the heart of Mr. Chen also want to adhere to adhere to the micro-blog marketing counterparts, do not fight with sina, seeking transformation is the key:

Chen: how it can generate traffic to be realized, this is also a lot of grass roots in a way to make flow guide. Another one is to do Taobao advertising, and then there are a lot of localization, so marketing may go to a more precise subdivision of such a level.

, however, Internet analyst Wang Yiquan is not optimistic about the prospects for the development of China’s micro-blog Marketing Company:

Wang Yi whole: the future is likely to be micro-blog marketing will become an advertising company’s standard configuration, it is difficult for a small number of companies unique, no threshold. Well developed there are several, but frankly, the potential is not large, because they lack the space to break through.