How many life and death moments can a start up company really win

Abstract: all of the merged Internet Co are almost 100% homogenization of the company, while the Internet is on a scale to win, "either monopoly or die", which also leads to similar business companies to snatch users use unscrupulous divisive tactics.



" is a 250 mile high speed car, the road is very complex on the road, there are people to hit you. Any details of the operation mistakes, any corner or even a stone, are likely to let us come to naught."

yesterday, Didi announced a strategic agreement with the global Uber, the acquisition of Uber China’s brand, business, data and other services. Exhausted opponents to compromise with each other, two years of travel field war officially ended.


step can go today? Let us restore the growth process is extremely hard and bitter drops. Win the taxi wars, against the international giant Uber drops by virtue of the wisdom of survival China type — with tireless repetition and patience to kill opponents, all may survive.

we would like to recall the past two years, the experience of life and death time drops, for entrepreneurship, these moments is to allow a company to continue to transform, grow into a truly excellent company moments. Brief, we pay tribute to the success, also paid tribute to all walk in the road venture entrepreneurs.

drops with Uber China timeline


source: network mapping:

active capitalBehind

is to include almost all of the world’s leading fund battlefield

drops behind the investment side of incomplete statistics (including the merger of the fast):

Wang Gang, Jinsha River venture, Entamoeba, matrix partners, Tencent, Alibaba, CITIC Industrial Fund, global Tiger Fund, Softbank, DST, Temasek, Ping An, China Merchants Bank, CITIC, CICC Jiazi, civil aviation, automotive group, race collar capital, apple, Chinese life, ant payment service etc..

financing $8 billion 500 million, valued at $35 billion.

Investors behind

Uber incomplete statistics:

Ventures, Goldman, Menlo ·, Bezos Jeffery; Saudi public investment fund, Hainan Airlines, Baidu, CITIC Securities, Pacific Insurance, life insurance, Chinese GAIG etc..

financing $12 billion 900 million, valued at $68 billion;

which Uber China financing $1 billion 200 million, valued at $8 billion.

that is to say, the two companies to change the great human travel, in the entrepreneurial war hit nearly $10 billion, most of them for travel subsidies