Microsoft joint industrial and commercial enterprises to fight piracy employees bring their own comp

original title: Microsoft’s Chinese style piracy

Microsoft yesterday just squeeze our company 60 thousand yuan." July 31st, an Internet entrepreneur to the economic report broke the news in twenty-first Century.

not long ago, Microsoft joint raid the company’s local business to combat piracy, the company was closed down, and then a computer verification, employees are designated with the investigation in the next, many employees are scared Mongolia, a major event that the company stalls. But the entrepreneur finds useful to think of Microsoft piracy problem: all computer companies are running genuine software, part of the notebook computer belongs to dual-use, put the home version, rather than the enterprise edition, according to Microsoft found that it belongs to piracy. At the same time, in the purchase of Enterprise Edition, must be at the Microsoft designated agents to buy.

read: antitrust investigation after Microsoft said it would actively cooperate with the government to deny illegal Microsoft responded antitrust examination: will actively cooperate with the investigation survey shows that 80% of Internet users support the Microsoft monopoly investigation of Microsoft was investigating the cause of exposure because the service system and software tying of industry and commerce bureau investigation involving Microsoft monopoly vice president checked

the entrepreneur said that they are responsible for the signing of the agents said: follow the pace of the fight against piracy Microsoft, basically a week to sign six or seven. According to the dealer to entrepreneur said: every time Microsoft product upgrades are piracy crackdown to push new software sales.

the company asked Microsoft: "how to find our company?" Microsoft replied: "your company recently made propaganda, right?"

started doing publicity meant that the company started making money, at least the money to finance, such enterprises will enter Microsoft’s vision: no money, the company hit a useless, collect money, wealthy companies can play money. This is the same as the year of the grand example: in 2002, with the network game business, Shanda network into one million, in Shanghai, a small reputation, Microsoft came to the requirements of the grand network infringement compensation.

Shanda founder Chen Tianqiao is very tough, not satisfied with the determination of infringement on Microsoft, to find a way to find a reporter in Beijing. The reporter did not find a way, it was Chen Tianqiao himself came up with a way: when he was president of Microsoft China said Tang Jun joined shanda. In fact, before joining Tang Jun, a grand event has trivialize piracy. After more than a year, the United States listed Shanda, Chen summit Chinese’s richest man, Tang Jun also earned 2 million 500 thousand shares.

entrepreneurs do not have Chen Tianqiao tough, and ultimately paid sixty thousand yuan to Microsoft reparations. He told the twenty-first Century economic report, said: as long as you pay the money, you do not need to use another thing, such as the purchase of windows8, but also for the expired XP." He said that Microsoft is a strong buy sell.

these entrepreneurs believe that Microsoft’s alleged monopoly, four office was investigating SAIC, the problem is not rumors bundling, but the use of market dominance hard sell, there are a number of companies were reported on the behavior of Microsoft.